15 Years OfBuilding Businesses & Exceptional Outcomes

For 15 years, we’ve been honored to partner with visionary founders who continually redefine industry standards and work to create product category-leading companies that have a positive impact on their respective stakeholders. Each milestone we’ve achieved is a testament to the unwavering dedication and collaborative spirit of our founders and management teams. As we reflect on our 15 years, we’re proud to recognize the collective growth and accomplishments of our portfolio companies and team.

Since our inception, we set out to build a distinctive firm – one that places founders at the forefront and cultivates purpose-driven partnerships, paving the way for accelerated growth. Today, we’re honored to have partnered with over 60 portfolio companies across a variety of sectors, working closely with founders and their teams. Click through to revisit our growth journey over the years.

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Total Transactions

2008Seedlings of Serent

Serent Capital was founded with the goal of helping exceptional, bootstrapped companies scale through an operational approach. We proudly closed our first fund and opened our office in San Francisco, powered by a small but mighty team.

2013Cultivating Expertise and Nurturing Growth

With the closing of our second fund, we established ourselves as investors with profound industry expertise across multiple sectors. Subsequently, we started the development of our Growth Team and Sourcing Functions to implement strategic initiatives for our portfolio companies.

2017Breaking Barriers: Surpassing the Billion-Dollar Milestone

We successfully closed Fund III, marking a significant milestone of having raised over $1 billion in capital commitments since our inception. The team expanded impressively, nearing 40 dedicated team members. Building on our vertical expertise, we ventured into new markets across the United States, as part of our continuous growth journey.

2020Expanding Our Reach Beyond Borders

We continued our trajectory of geographical expansion. Starting in 2018, we made our first investment in Canada and built on this foundation by opening our second office in Austin, Texas—a warm ‘howdy’ to the Lone Star State. Our global reach extended even further when we made our inaugural investment in New Zealand and closed our 4th fund at $750 million of capital commitments.

2022Paving the Way for Enhanced Growth

We closed our 5th and most recent fund, our largest to date at $1.1 billion of capital commitments. This provided us with the opportunity to expand and evolve our growth resources while continuing to create value for our companies. Notably, these efforts translated to $1.38 billion in revenue* over the last twelve months across our portfolio companies.

*Revenue generated excludes the following portfolio companies: People 2.0, CoreLogic, MeridianLink, and WorkWave.

2023The Serent Story: 15 Years of Growth and Counting

In 2023, we were excited to celebrate 15 years of Serent! With our bustling offices in San Francisco and Austin, Texas, growth was at the core of our operations. Boasting a team of over 80 members, more than 60 platform investments, and $5 billion of assets under management, we are eager and ready for the next 15 years of purpose-driven partnerships and growth.

New Investments

Exited Investments

In Review2023

We consider it a privilege to contribute to our founders’ journeys and celebrate alongside them. Looking back at 2023, we were devoted to fostering growth, not only in our portfolio companies but within our own team, working to innovate and operate at the highest level.

2023 Highlights

employees across all companies*
in revenue generated across the portfolio*
value creation initiatives implemented

Advice From FoundersFounder Spotlight

To commemorate 15 years of Serent, here are insights from the remarkable founders we've partnered with for fellow founders just starting on this transformational journey.

Our AccoladesAward-Winning Approach

The Founder-Friendly Investors award is awarded by Inc., a third-party that is not affiliated with Serent Capital. Serent Capital has paid an application fee to participate in this process. Inc’s recognition is not indicative of Serent’s future performance and does not reflect the experience of, or any rating by, Serent’s investors. TheBluWave Top 50 PE award is awarded by BluWave, a third-party that is not affiliated with Serent Capital. Serent Capital has not paid an application fee to participate in this process. BluWave’s recognition is not indicative of Serent’s future performance and does not reflect the experience of, or any rating by, Serent’s investors. The Growth Cap award is awarded by Growth Cap, a third-party that is not affiliated with Serent Capital. Serent Capital has paid an application fee to participate in this process. Growth Cap’s recognition is not indicative of Serent’s future performance and does not reflect the experience of, or any rating by, Serent’s investors.

EventsBuilding Community

Growth TeamUnlocking Your Growth Potential with Serent

Your growth journey accelerated. Gain hands-on support from our team of 25+ top-tier former consultants and operators across five areas that help our portfolio companies execute on strategic growth initiatives.

01 Value Creation Operators

Leveraging our proven playbooks, our Value Creation Operators work to fast-track growth while providing hands-on support in their execution. This dedicated group of top-tier former consultants and operators specialize in areas such as:

  • Go-to-Market
  • Account Management
  • Channel Partnerships
  • New Market Entry

02 Centers of Excellence

Our Centers of Excellence have deep industry expertise in their domains to accelerate your revenue growth in these key areas:

Payments: +80bps on revenue

Product & Tech: 35% improvement in average expansion revenue from new products, pricing and platform modernization

Pricing:  Generates over $30 million of enterprise value annually for portfolio companies

There can be no guarantee that any portfolio company will experience the above increase in payments, cost savings, or pricing uplift.

03 Human Capital

Our Human Capital team works hand-in-hand with our portfolio companies to identify, recruit, and place key talent and executive leadership.


14,500 Executives in our network

90 Executives placed per year on average

Recognized as a Top 50 Private Equity Firm for Executives*




*See footnote for disclosure

04 Operating Directors

Our Operating Directors*, with their robust knowledge and extensive experience, boast decades of CEO leadership, expertise in technological adaptation, and a proven track record in board management. They work closely with our portfolio company management teams as a hands-on resource, providing oversight, guidance, and support.

173 collective years of experience

23 successful exits

24/7 hands-on resource


*See footnote for disclosure

05 Cross-Portfolio Operations

Our portfolio operations team helps develop best practices across the portfolio for data knowledge management and legal operations. Together, they’ve developed:

Dozens of best practices and toolkits

50+ vendor partners and other exclusive relationships

Accelerating growth alongside management teams

  • 25+
    Growth Team Members
  • 150
    Strategic Initiatives
  • $0
    Charged in Consulting Fees

InsightsRevisiting the Highlights

Investment CriteriaCreating Category Leaders

We partner with emerging technology and tech-enabled service businesses that are driving change in local economies and communities and build them into category-leading companies.

Investment Sectors

We have deep industry expertise across dozens of B2B software sectors.

healthcare, green line art icon of a stethoscope
Edtech, green line art icon of a graduation cap
govtech, green line art icon of a cellphone with a government building offset to the side
hospitality, green line art icon of a concierge service bell
construction, green line art icon of a speed square nested inside a framing square
insurance, green line art icon of an umbrella
real estate, green line art icon of a house
Real Estate
manufacturing tech, green line art icon of a manufacturing machine component
Manufacturing Tech
mortgage tech, green line art icon of a cell phone with a house offset to the side
Mortgage Tech
field services, green line art icon of a screwdriver and wrench crossed like an X
Field Services
  • check mark
    $15MM to $250MM
    in Enterprise Value (smaller for add-ons)
  • check mark
    $5MM to $100MM
    Recurring Revenue (or a path on $10MM)
  • check mark
    20% - 1000%+
  • check mark
    30-100% Ownership
    Minority or Majority Transactions
  • check mark
    Growth Technology & Services
    Vertical Specific B2B Software, Data, Payments, or Tech-Enabled Services Companies
  • check mark
    Business that are profitable or have a path to profitability

*The above characteristics describe Serent's typical investment parameters, but there can be no guarantee that all portfolio companies in which Serent invests will have these features.

TeamMeet Our Team

Explore the newest members of the Serent team who bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, together with those stepping into new roles to drive our companies forward.

Snapshots of Serent

The Serent team has always enjoyed a culture that empowers team members and focuses on career growth. But we also know how to have fun! Shared experiences like these have allowed us to create connections that enrich our portfolio. Serent would not be where we are today without the people (past and present) who have left their fingerprints on the Firm.