2022 Year in Review

2022 Year in Review

Leaning In, Together:
A lookback at 2022's Year of Partnership

A Look Back at 2022

2022 In review

Even in the face of relentless disruptions, uncertainty, and change, there is opportunity. While 2022 was not without its challenges, this year continued to show us how we can work together, compound our progress, and thrive even in moments of unpredictability. We’re honored to play a small part in the journeys of the change-making companies and visionary founders that we partner with, and celebrate everything they have accomplished.

We’re Supporting Founder-Led Software Companies with Our Largest Fund Yet

Serent Capital Fund V closed at $1.1 Billion.

A Year of Opportunity


employees across new companies


in revenue generated across the portfolio*


employees across all companies

*Revenue generated excludes the following portfolio companies: People 2.0, CoreLogic, MeridianLink, and WorkWave.

Transaction Activity

Discover new companies we partnered with, successful add-ons, and recent realizations.

A year of growth, accomplishments, and new milestones.




Transaction Volume

The portfolio companies identified above represent deals closed by Serent Capital during calendar year 2022 and do not represent all of the securities Serent Capital has purchased, sold, or recommended for its advisory clients. You should not assume that investments in such portfolio companies were, are, or will be profitable. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

See if we're the right fit.

Finding the right partner for your life’s work is no small feat. Learn how we fully invest in the founders we work with.

Our Growth Team

Our in-house Growth Team are collaborative problem-solvers that understand your unique challenges and how to tackle them. From strategic operational support to executive talent recruiting, we’re equipped with all of the resources you need to accelerate growth within your company.

Get to know the faces behind our in-house Growth Team and how they work.

Accelerating growth alongside management teams.


Strategic Initiatives


Growth Team Members


Charged in Consulting Fees

Get To Know Serent Capital:
The Growth Team

Learn how the Serent Capital Growth Team actively partners with our companies to accelerate growth by providing strategic and operational support.

A Robust Network

Finding the right talent and support pillars is crucial to building top-notch teams. That’s where we come in.

By tapping into the Serent Executive Network (SEN), our proprietary database of experienced industry professionals, we’re able to open up the aperture and find top-tier executive candidates, increase recruiting success, and lowering hiring costs.


Executives in the Serent Executive Network (SEN)


Total executives placed in 2022


Executives placed in 2022 were from the SEN

Purpose-Driven Partnership

Strong partnerships, the kind that persevere and flourish, are aligned by a common purpose. At Serent, we share your vision and strive for collaborative decision making. We’re always working towards what’s best for your business.

Scaling Quorum's Platform and Value

Co-founders Alex Wirth and Jonathan Marks never anticipated that Quorum would double in size in just a year and a half. Hear how our partnership helped provide the support they needed.

"As we looked at all the different firms we considered in our process, the most significant thing that stood out to us about Serent was the incredible amount of resources that they’ve put into helping their portfolio companies grow. Working with Serent has been a key part in helping our own growth.”

— Alex Wirth
Co founder & CEO of Quorum

Customer-Centric Growth with Raintree Systems

Co-Founder Lorraine Welty spent decades building and serving a loyal customer base. Learn how our value-driven approach helped her reach even more people.

"We chose to work with Serent because there was an alignment of values. Everyone on the leadership team knew where we wanted to go. Now, the Serent team is coming in to infuse talent to help us get there.”

— Lorraine Welty
Co-Founder & CPO of Raintree Systems

Reaching New Markets with Aria Care Partners

When Co-Founder Tony Layne first teamed up with us, Aria Care Partners was singularly focused on the dentistry market. Learn how we helped him expand into new markets.

"Serent brought a level of support that we didn’t think any other buyer had. There were a true partner for us. We didn’t want to sell the entire company, and we wanted to stay on board. To take the next step with tremendous support, access to great capital and minds, and with folks who we could tell had really high integrity was paramount.””

— Tony Layne
Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of Aria Care Partners

Optimizing Software Pricing with Revinate

Pricing is a critical lever for software companies. Learn how we helped Co-Founder Marc Heyneker create a strategic roadmap to unlock full monetization of the revenue platform going forward.

"We would not have been able to evolve our pricing the way that we have without Serent. With their support, we’ve approached it by saying, ‘Let’s measure how we’re doing, see what the impact was, and what the success can be.”

— Marc Heyneker
Co-founder & CEO of Revinate

Executive endorsements of Serent Capital are for illustrative purposes, are designed to attract business development contacts, and should not be construed as client or investor testimonials of Serent Capital’s investment advisory services. Certain executives are also investors in Serent Capital’s investment vehicles and, as such, they may have an incentive to provide favorable reviews of Serent Capital’s business practices. Serent Capital has not, directly or indirectly, paid any compensation to such individuals for their endorsements.

Award-Winning Partnership Approach

The Founder-Friendly Investors award is awarded by Inc., a third-party that is not affiliated with Serent Capital. Serent Capital has paid an application fee to participate in this process. Inc’s recognition is not indicative of Serent’s future performance and does not reflect the experience of, or any rating by, Serent’s investors. TheBluWave Top 50 PE award is awarded by BluWave, a third-party that is not affiliated with Serent Capital. Serent Capital has not paid an application fee to participate in this process. BluWave’s recognition is not indicative of Serent’s future performance and does not reflect the experience of, or any rating by, Serent’s investors. The Growth Cap award is awarded by Growth Cap, a third-party that is not affiliated with Serent Capital. Serent Capital has paid an application fee to participate in this process. Growth Cap’s recognition is not indicative of Serent’s future performance and does not reflect the experience of, or any rating by, Serent’s investors.

Interested in partnering?

As a firm created for founders, by founders, we deeply understand the challenges that growing market leaders face.


We brought our entire network of peers together to share their most actionable insights.




Portfolio Companies in Attendance


Hours of Sessions

CXO Summit: Sharing Growth Strategies As A Community

The collective experience of those that lead our portfolio companies is invaluable.

This year’s CXO Summit in Dallas welcomed hundreds of leaders across our portfolio and gave them a place to share insights, discuss best practices, and foster a community of shared expertise.


May. 2, 2022

Construction Tech: Bringing Digital Solutions to the Building Industry

The construction industry is only just beginning to embrace tech tools that simplify the process of constructing homes — and building a business.

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Jul. 6, 2021

Mortgage Tech: Bringing Digital Innovation to the Housing Industry

The mortgage industry is on the edge of a digital transformation. Operating Executive Director, Amy Brandt, shares what innovative startups are doing to find success in the mortgage tech space.

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Aug. 26, 2021

Bringing the Factory to the Digital Age with Jeff Ralyea

The manufacturing industry is primed for digital innovation. Download this whitepaper to learn the state of the manufacturing tech space, how it has moved to the cloud, emerging trends, and more.

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Investment Criteria

We help grow and scale technology and tech-enabled service companies who are committed to changing the way we live, work, and do business.

  • Investment Sectors

    We invest in businesses with exciting growth prospects across a variety of B2B software sectors.


    B2B and B2C Payments

    Banking Tech

    Business Services


    Data & Analytics



    Energy & Utilities

    Fields Services

    Financial Services

    Governance, Risk, & Compliance

    Healthcare Services

    Healthcare IT & Software


    Human Capital Management


    IT & Software Development


    Life Sciences


    Real Estate & Mortgage


    Revenue Cycle Management


    Sports & Entertainment

    State & Local Government

    Supply Chain, Manufacturing, & Logistics

$15MM to $250MM
in Enterprise Value (smaller for add-ons)

Growing Technology & Services

Vertical Specific B2B Software, Data, Payments, or Tech-Enabled Services Companies

$5M to $100MM
Recurring Revenue (or a path to $5MM)

30-100% Ownership
Minority or Majority Transactions

20% to 1,000%+

Business that are profitable or have a path to profitability

Are we the right fit together?

Download our investment criteria factsheet to learn more about our focus areas and approach.